My Soul Is Rested : The Story Of The Civil Rights Movement

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Through out grade school we as the general public are presented with an extremely small amount of information on the Civil Rights Movement, that of a sample size to give us a general idea of what truly went on through out the country and the Deep South. Our foundation on the education of this historical moment is based on are these big names such as Martin Luther King Jr. or Rosa Parks, who are not only known country wide but world wide. There are hundreds, thousands, and quite possibly millions of civil rights activists who are lesser know or even known at all. In Howell Raines novel My Soul Is Rested: The Story of the Civil Rights Movement in the Deep South, Raines expressed the oral history of these lesser-known individuals and their…show more content…
Take Andrew Marrisett’s story for example, he said he was driving the church bus on a Sunday and say a some 6 year old child having a K-9 dog sent on her, and as any decent human would he jumped in front of the attacking K-9 and tried to help the little girl. As a result he was then arrested and the dog was sicced onto him. Marrisett went on to tell Raines “That really was the spark. I had an interest all along, but that just took the cake-a big, burly two-hundred-and-eighty-five-pound cop siccing a trained police dog on a little girl, little black girl.” (Raines, 146) I could pick out any one activists story from this novel and point out the way they were mistreated and how that affected their involvement in this movement, no African American were treated right during this time. They were taken away in the thousands and transposed like cattle in old school busses. We are still seeing similar attentions today, 50-60 years later. Obviously not in such a large amount but there are enough cases for a march at the nations capital on December 13, 2014 where an estimated 25,000 people came together to protest the recent killings of black males by the police. Those activists in the 1900’s set an outline for marches for years to come, but it took more than just marches to get what they fought.
Another popular form of protest were sit ins, which were where these colored people would go into segregated area

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