My Special Education : My Abstivation Of Classroom Observation

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This was probably the most interesting classroom for me. I stated that because special education is the field where I want to pursuit my career. The first day I started my observation in this classroom was on October 12, 2017. I arrived 20 minutes before the class started because I wanted to have enough time to observe in context the whole school scenario. At JGES parents are allowed at the playground while children line up waiting to go to their classroom. Ms. Gonzalez was waiting for her students to arrive and exactly at 8:00 am, the class proceeded to go to their classroom. The classroom is located on the second level. In this class the staff consists of three adults Ms. Gonzalez the Special Education Specialist teacher, a full-time teacher assistant and a case worker assigned to work one to one with a child for instructional support and behavior. In this class there are 12 boys and 3 girls, a total of 15 students all of them are Hispanic. This is a combined class with 4th and 5th graders. The classroom has everything labeled and in perfect order. There are 3 big boards assigned for Mathematics, Science, and Language and Art class projects. In the front of the class room along one of the short walls is a large white dry erase board. The student work area is also in this part of the classroom. Each student has an individual desk. The desk arrangement has 2 rows of desks on right side sand 2 rows on the left side facing the main area. In the back of the classroom is an

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