My Special Object Research Paper

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My special object would have to be my phone. My phone is the best thing I ever got I love my phone because I can do any thing I wont to do on it I can play games ,call,text and buy something online I first got my phone 3 months ago it cost me $130 it was even better because I payed for it my self so I could do what ever I wonted to do. if I did not have my phone I would be so bored because my phone is the only thing I could text on and it has all of my games on it. the main reason why I love my phone is because I got to get it by myself that's what made it batterer this is why my phone would be my special possession to me and I would not change it for the world. Another reason why my phone is special to me is because I can take it any were with me at any time I felt like it and if it was to ever go missing than I could just find it because I got a location thing in it so it would not be that hard to find it . because I got a location thing in it so it is very easy to find.…show more content…
that is why its the best and it comes in handy when my cousin wants to play with it and wont break because of my case. The other reason that my phone is special is because it is a phone that I have always wonted to have now that I have got it it is very cool to me . In conclusion this was why my phone was my special object because I go anywhere ,its water Prof and because its
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