My Speech Of A Graduation Speech

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12:00 a.m., I am wide awake. I keep forcing my eyes to rest yet they pry open. My body is overloaded with joy and excitement. 7 p.m. seemed nearly impossible to arrive. The time has come and I have crossed the finish line. " I present to you the graduating class of 2017". The tears began to fall and my mind instantly began to replay the restless nights and early mornings. I have now received my high school diploma and a new has begun.
If I were awarded a dollar for every second someone called me short, I would be as rich as Bill Gates. I can thank my mother for most of my physical appearance. The big head, deep brown eyes, and the extra cushion behind was passed down from my mom. The curly locks resemble my father's waves. If you were to take my father's face and add hair the outcome would be me. Intellectually, I would consider my level of thinking as more in depth than others. I like to view things from various aspects and the things other view as simple, I view them as intricate. As a child mu grandmother would always say that God has instilled many gifts within my heart. As I have grown into a young adult I have discovered only a few gifts, with empathy being one of them. The merciful spirit within me allows me to feel what others feel, typically pain and hurt are the most profound. Another gift given is the discerned spirit, meaning I can distinguish spirits. My most recent discovery is the gift of exhortation. Exhortation can be defined as coming along side of someone
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