My Speech On Animal Abuse Essay

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Imagine spending your entire life inside a laboratory where scientists stick cosmetic products in your eyes to test it for eye irritancy. Imagine being forced to breathe smoke for up to six hours straight, every day, for as long as three years. You are not being fed, you cannot drink, you get deprived of sleep. They isolate you and amputate you. They implant electrodes on your brain to manipulate it. They sew your eyes shut, force you to do drugs and place you in a cage with electrified floor bars to test you for depression, psychosis, hopelessness and desperation. Imagine being helplessly locked up in that cage, just waiting to be experimented on. Right now, millions of rabbits, rats, primates, dogs, cats and other animals are locked inside cages in laboratories, all just waiting for the time when they get brutally tested on, then eventually die because of pain or get purposely killed after the experiment. All of it just for the sake of research and it is not okay. My speech is about animal testing and I take a stand against it. I believe that animal testing is wrong, and in this speech I will talk about how it is unethical, unreliable and very wasteful.

Animal testing is the use of animals for experimentation and it is used by researchers to find out effectivity of certain drug , its side effects and possible effects in the human body. Animal testing is simply unethical, inhumane, cruel and brutal. The animals used for testing purposes are supplied by dealers who
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