My Speech On My Life

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One specific key event has changed my life not for the better, but for the worst. My thought process is broken beyond repair. I have always hated everything about myself as long as I can remember. I started losing passions in the things that kept me sane. I have changed and will never be the same again. Over the years my hatred towards myself has became an unbearable pain to live with. In elementary school, I began to hate my skin color. I can not remember the exact reason why, but I know that my self-hatred had something to do with the environment of the school. In first and second grade I was shy because I had a speech impediment A speech impediment is when a person stutters over the words they speak or a speech impediment can be a lisp, but in my case, I had both. When I had a speech impediment I did not feel comfortable talking aloud. Having a speech impediment made me shy. When middle school approached my speech impediment was gone and some of my shyness went away. I still hated my skin color, but I did not think about my color as much as I do now. I was outgoing around my friends and even strangers. In eighth grade, my mental stability was declining gradually.
The end of my eighth grade year my parents were starting to fight more than usual. Every time my parents got into a big argument, my mom would threaten to divorce my dad and ask my brother and I which parent would we choose to live with. One particular fight that my parents had drove me overboard. My mom 's…

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