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When I began writing my commencement speech I knew that I wanted to use humor as a main theme. When we watched the speech examples in class the ones that I really took material away from and the ones that stuck with me the longest were the ones that were funny and had humor sprinkled throughout. Other than the humor part I had no idea what I wanted my speech to be about but I knew that I needed to stick with a common theme throughout or it would be a mess. Once I had the reoccurring dream about the tiger I took that as the universe’s way of telling me that my speech should incorporate that so I decided to go with the theme of choices. I was really excited once we got the initial assignment as I love to talk and I really enjoy attention. However, once I actually started writing my speech I found that it was a lot more difficult that I had initially anticipated. The beginning of the speech was easy for me as it was the dream I had had so I just wrote that down. The middle of the speech was where I had the most difficulty, I wanted it to be funny but I also wanted to speak to the choices and experiences that I hope everyone has taken away from Seattle University. I really wanted to convey my own passions about treating every person equally and with curtesy. The end of my speech was also relatively easy to write as they are things that I have grappled with a time or two before and things that I feel every person will have to choose between at one point or another

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