My Speech - Original Writing

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Before I began my speech I was very thrilled, excited, and motivated. I expressed a large desire to go first since there was no formal order of speakers. Minutes before class started, rehearsed my speech a few times to ensure that I have my content sharp and that I am following the outline to my best ability. Afterwards, it was only minutes before Dr. Lora said “It is 8 on my watch, so let us get started.” Right then and there, I got up and approached the stage with confidence. Another important factor that made me feel prepared was not only the rehearsing but it was the content. I know my friend Adam Arata very well, so it was easy to talk highly about him. So, overall the most important thing that made me feel well-prepared to go first was the content and the practice.
During the speech: As I indicated earlier, I was confident before my speech and that was no different for the way I felt during my speech. This speech was a little odd for me despite the content. I didn’t have any notecards so if there was a time when I would forget a word or a line, I would have to make it up on the spot which I did several times. Furthermore, despite the number of times I have presented, I was a little nervous this time when I was speaking. This was evident by the delivery of my speech. I spoke clearly but there would be times when it didn’t flow. However, for the most part, I felt a great level of comfort. I began to look at people I feel extremely comfortable with when speaking, which…
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