My Spiritual Journey From Childhood

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I would like to reflect on a few key moments of my spiritual journey from childhood that has led me to my call to ministry. I do believe that as the prophet Jeremiah was called before his birth (Jeremiah 1:5) that some are called and know their purpose from an early age while others find their path later after stumbling through life. Perhaps it might be that they have heard the call but were uncertain or unwilling to answer the call. Looking back on my life’s journey, I can see the “God moments” and how they have influenced my faith journey. I was born on the West Indian island of St. Kitts in a large Methodist family. I am the eighth of nine children, the second daughter after a long line of brothers. At the age of four, I was…show more content…
I would say that I have quite an eclectic merging of different religions, doctrines enough to be able to join the club of the confused. Sunday was an all-day event in the church. It appears that everyone on the island was in church on Sundays. At age 15, I rededicated my life at confirmation and began teaching Children Sunday school classes. I can relate my story to the Prophet Samuel and King David on some levels. At an early age, I can recall having prophetic dreams. My aunt and I would often have similar prophetic dreams which we shared with each other and she would say to me “You have the gift as well.” This became a special bond that we shared. I thought it special although a little scary because I was told that I should not openly speak of it because most people would not understand. On the morning of my mother’s death when I was age 9, I told my aunt that we would hear news of a death. Prophetic dreams were a part of my life then and are still today. It was not until much later in life that I understood that it was a God call and connection and if God used that method of communication in Biblical times, God can still communicate in that method today. This knowledge helped me to accept this gift. In my later teen years, I moved to the United Kingdom and lived with my mother’s brother and his family. My new family was not a church going family and
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