My Statement Of Purpose: Biomedical Engineering

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From an early age, I have been fascinated by how things work. It seems, listening to family, that I was never satisfied with a simple answer that machine runs on power; but always wanted to know more. As I completed my undergraduate education in ________, I became more and more interested in pursuing an advanced degree in Biomedical Engineering. My well-rounded educational pursuits thus far have served me well, engineering complimented by a sound background in the humanities and hard sciences. I have, though, a robust passion to learn more, to hone my skills even more in a field that has simply exploded over the past decade biomedical engineering. For me, the excitement of the field is that biomedical engineering has only recently become its own discipline, and yet allows the professional to truly embrace a multidisciplinary approach to develop devices that have the potential of helping millions of people live a better life. From tissue and genetic engineering to pharmaceutical and neural options, as well as working with medical devices, the field is wide open for new minds, new ideas, and new applications. The field is growing so rapidly that one can hardly keep up. As it seeks to close the gap between engineering and medicine, and as technology improves, the field will become the wave of the next generation of research one in which I wish to be a part of. The sustainability and intellectual robustness of biomedical engineering is one of the ways that I can pursue my own
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