My Statement Of Purpose For Engineering Management

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In today’s rapidly growing world technology is advancing in multiple folds, so to manage it in an efficient way is a need of an hour. In a constrained workplace management of the technology is inevitable. Since my academics, I have been driven by the wonders of science and technology around us and going forward I want to foster the skills to manage the technology oriented organizations. After completing my undergraduate in Industrial engineering I worked in managerial role in marketing department of technical products, so I realized the significance of both technology and management in globalized world. In order to hone my skills I recognized that engineering management is an apt course to equip me with required skillset. Engineering Management is a specialized form which is concerned with the application of engineering principles to business practice. It focuses on marketing, finance, law and business management; subjects which I…show more content…
Industrial engineering benefited me with basic fundamentals of mechanicals along with principles of industrial engineering and management along with my favorite subjects like quantitative techniques, logistics, advance manufacturing process and business accounting and costing which not only inspired to complete my undergraduate with first class but also developed my interest for further studies. During my four years of academic course of engineering I participated in many national levels technical events of robotics in which I secured 1st prize in VIT and COEP collages. During final year of under graduation I completed a project work in SKF India Ltd in Total Productive Maintenance (TPM). In this project work I found the non-productive activities, bottleneck in the process and suggested corrective majors. After implementing the changes the process efficiency increased by 41% in deep grove ball bearing (DGBB)
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