My Statement Of Purpose For Industrial And Systems Engineering

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Einstein aptly said, “Knowledge is like an ocean and I’m just a young lad picking shells on its shore.” On a scale of such magnitude, I’m probably one who is still trailing rivers on their journey to the deltas, but I certainly have the zeal to make it to the abyss of that ocean, facing the toughest of the waves. It is my passion for nurturing my knowledge in the field I know best and where I believe I can leave a lasting contribution to society, which has brought me to your doorstep.
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My undergraduate course curriculum and my involvement in several projects outside the coursework has given me ample opportunities to gain experience in various fields of Industrial and Systems Engineering. This has also assisted me in narrowing down my academic interests to specific areas. My interest in Industrial Engineering is particularly because of its striking relevance to real world problems; supported by my competence to model, formulate, and solve such problems. However, with the maturity of the organizations in terms of information infrastructure, the speed of access to that information and the plethora of types of that information have led to a natural evolution in decision making from an Industrial Engineering perspective to an Information Engineering perspective.
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His idea of Artificial Intelligence as the next big thing is interesting and convincing. As a part of my baccalaureate dissertation, I came across some applications of Operations Research like Multi-Agent Systems and Data Envelopment Analysis in the field of Artificial Intelligence. What fascinates me even more is the opportunities OR presents to AI to boost
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