My Statement Of Purpose For Nursing

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My Statement of Purpose I believe there is no perfect time to wake up to shape your career and start doing, what truly makes you happy. While working in the management & financial services, I always had an urge to be a helpful and effective part of society to fulfil my moral responsibility and give back to humanity. During doctor’s appointments for my pregnancy, I found the healthcare services as a ‘dream come true’ career to help humanity. I realized that if I add my empathetic nature and my efficient managerial and financial skills to the learnings of nursing, I can be an effective member of the healthcare services and can be a role model to my daughter, who I want to see become a doctor one day. In addition, to create a strong base and be able to rise up to be a nurse practitioner, I would like to pursue my further studies in Nursing. The basic two requirements to be successful and complete any educational course are to have: (a) A zeal and knowledge to succeed, and (b) Financial support. My earlier customer service, managerial, & financial knowledge and my motivation to be part of the healthcare administration makes me ready to succeed in this course. But an Associate of Science in Nursing …show more content…

This involves providing hands-on care to patients by administering medications, observing and monitoring patients' conditions to maintaining their records and communicating with doctors. It is the pure amalgamation of healthcare and managerial knowledge. Hence, the perfect amalgamation of my earlier managerial knowledge and my future healthcare education will make me an efficient nurse and open doors to successful life-changing career opportunities in Indiana’s healthcare administration where while starting as a registered nurse, I can progress ahead to be a nurse practitioner and hence make my mark in health-care services by taking care of people in

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