My Statement Of Purpose For Physics And Physics

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In high school, intensely intrigued by the mechanisms and experiments in physics, I regularly took part in the State Science Exhibitions demonstrating models from the solar oven to spring-mass systems. My passion for Physics and Mathematics spurred me to win awards at State Level Competitions. It further led me to choose a major in Science during Secondary School and my undergraduate major in Engineering Physics at the NIT Calicut. My duly qualified academic performance enabled me to receive the Post-Matric Scholarship for Scheduled Caste Students for the full duration of the program (2010-14). The methodical approach I towards learning helped me to graduate with a degree in first class.
At NITC, the curriculum grounded my knowledge in both theoretical and experimental aspects of physics. Among the courses I credited, my penchant for Thermodynamics and Statistical Physics stimulated me to conduct a literature survey on the Tripropellant Rocket Propulsion System. Attending the Aerodynamics course aided me to gain a grasp of the fluid mechanics and honed my computational skills in Matlab simulation. In my junior year, participation in a seminar on the topic “Future of wind and solar powers in India” augment my perception of renewable energies. I delivered a presentation on the possibility of transforming the energy
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It will also served as the right platform to nurture my long-term aspiration of becoming a well-established expert in the field. Moreover, it will facilitate gaining practical insights into current challenges in improving the applications of thermos-fluid systems through modeling and experimental approaches. So, I am eager to a part of the group at the Advanced Research in Thermo fluid Systems (ARTS)
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