My Statement Of Purpose: Information Systems Management

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When I was 18 years old, my father bought me a tool that became the foundation of my future learning. It was my first computer. While my brothers fought over their gaming console, I spent hours writing scripts and small programs that I could run on my new machine. My dad knew that my passion for computers had grown exponentially throughout high school. Each week, I would spend hours in the library poring over books that were marked "FOR REFERENCE ONLY." My friends thought I was strange, not wanting to use my computer for gaming. However, my best friend shared my interest throughout high school and together we started a small business. We knew more about computers than our teachers, and every time they had a problem with the school system, they would ask either me, or my friend. Most of the teachers thought it was cute, and suffered a little ego loss because of their inability to troubleshoot their own systems. One teacher was different. She saw in me the spark that illuminated all matters engineering; she recognized the source of my passion and helped me to hone it and shine it on everything I did in school. I entered, and won, science fair competitions because of the inspiration and guidance I received from my parents, my teacher, and my best friend. Because I have been surrounded by supportive people throughout my life, my innate talents and interests have been able to blossom fully and will one day bear fruit. Here I am, poised to face the future and whatever challenges
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