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Statement of Purpose for Tony Harper

“Never stop pursuing knowledge and education. These are things that no one can take from you regardless of what life throws at you.” This insightful piece of wisdom was offered to me by my grandfather, a professor at Northern Arizona University. He continually stressed to me that the attainment of knowledge and education are always worthwhile undertakings. For this reason I find myself unfulfilled unless some part of my days are spent actively seeking to further my current understanding of a given subject or endeavoring to learn a new one. I truly believe that no matter what unexpected events life creates, the educated person is always better equipped to adapt and thrive.
Education Background
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I found the classes truly interesting and found myself readily going well beyond the requirements for any given assignment simply to satisfy personal curiosity. The great part was that with so interesting a context the experience was wholly enjoyable. Furthermore, much of what I was learning was current and relevant and able to be applied to address real-time problems in my current job.

I have come to believe that curriculums delivered online offer several major benefits when compared to their brick and mortar counterparts. One is that with an online forum, there is far less chance of students developing preconceptions when it comes to race, gender or age. As much as we would all like to believe we are blind to these types of differences, they still drive our perceptions even if on a subliminal level. Additionally, I think this model is indicative of the way many modern organizations do business. It has become increasingly common for teams to operate globally, crossing economic, political and cultural boundaries.

Succeeding in an online program is not, however, without its challenges. I think there are three critical areas that must be considered to help ensure success. First and foremost is time management. An online program is attractive because it makes fitting school into an already hectic schedule much more feasible. The risk is that unlike
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