My Statement of Purpose: Financial Engineering

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Statement of Purpose Financial Engineering Introduction Using algorithms to simplify and solve complex business problems while also creating software applications that scale to the most complex, large scale enterprises is a passion that drove me to excel in computer science. The many interrelated systems, databases and applications gave me insight into how even the most intricate, highly dependent systems could be streamlined and aligned to challenging goals. As I continue to master and put into practice the core concepts of computer science, I am beginning to see economic systems and more specifically, business models, as equally in need of structured logic. In transitioning from computer science to financial engineering, my career goal is to build on my foundation of computer science knowledge and apply it to financial engineering. Just as complex computer systems are in continual need of improvement through the use of great algorithm support and integration, the same holds true for the myriad of business models in existence today. I can contribute my computer science skills to making economic systems and business models run more efficiently. The use of knowledge-based frameworks to create a more effective (Schell, 2008). Growth in Engineering Years During my undergraduate years, a fascination with translating and simplifying complex algorithms into software code in a variety of programming languages, was a passion of mine. During my undergraduate years I also
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