My Statement of Purpose Focusing on Learning beyond Curriculum

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Statement of Purpose Introduction The continual pursuit of knowledge is a passion of mine, specifically in the areas of electronics, network and telecommunication engineering and development. Prior to embarking on my formal academic career to study these fields, I self-taught myself much of the core concepts of electronics, networking and telecommunications. The intent of this statement of purpose is to explain how learning beyond the curriculum is so valuable in creating a foundation of expertise, my specific reasons for pursuing a higher degree, and my reasons for choosing the USA as the nation of choice for pursuing a Master's Degree in Engineering. Interest in Engineering The alacrity of innovation and speed of new technology development fascinated me as a young boy, when I first realized I had a passion for learning all I possibly could about how electronics, mobility, radar, satellite, telecommunications and complex communications systems. From the general analysis of smartphones, pagers and other mobility-based devices to the more advanced devices that have EV-DO based technologies in them that allow for ubiquitous access to broadband signals, my interest accelerated rapidly in the areas of advanced electronics and wireless systems. The characteristics of faulty radar systems, specifically how they interpret and act on erroneous data fascinates me. I have downloaded and read many academic studies of hwo to perfect radar systems that can be used for commercial

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