My Statement of Purpose: New Networking Trends

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These days, I've got my head in the clouds, quite literally. No, I haven't applied to the wrong academic department. As much as I appreciate the study of meteorology, my clouds are more solid, more concrete. They also have as much of an impact on our daily lives as the clouds that hang over our heads during the day. As a hobby and in fulfillment of my undergraduate studies, I've started to pick apart the architecture of cloud-based computing. Cloud-based computing is the prevailing trend in computer networking, according to Vertical Systems Reseller writer Julie Ritzer Ross (2011). Most enterprises and many individuals are starting to rethink the way they use computer systems. Networking is the fundamental need for consumers and businesses alike. But while clouds seem simple from a network architecture standpoint, they most certainly present challenges the likes of which thrill me to be able to tackle. In particular, I see a pressing need for network security. While information system management and information security specialists will develop the protocols that will promote enhanced data assurance, it comes down to sensible practical engineering to deliver the goods. I am passionate about helping people work better with technology because I have seen the ways technology transforms lives, in my own community. Although I have been studying electronics since I was in kindergarten, it is within the past several years that my knowledge has expanded to include computer
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