My Statement of Purpose: VLSI Technology

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From a very early age, I have been fascinated about the way things work on both a small and large level. As I grew and read more and more about that process, I realized that I was intrigued with using the micro to make the macro. This epiphany came to me in an early electronics class in which we reviewed the history of the semiconductor industry and the way the microprocessor has revolutionized modern life. This is the primary reason I am applying for the _____________ program at ______________. I would like to continue my studies in engineering, with a specialization in VLSI Technology. I am particularly fascinated by the concept of reducing the microchip by minimizing the way the interconnecting fabric area is designed. In both my undergraduate research and my own reading/research, I realize that there are at least five challenges to the field in which I would like to participate: 1) using engineering processes to regulate heat, 2) understanding and helping to develop solutions to the process variation of a chip, 3) developing more of an expertise in electronic design automation, 4) developing more of an expertise in multicore and multiprocessor architecture, and 5) helping to find some solutions to the issue of scaling and manufacturing costs. I believe these five challenges will place me in a unique position after graduate school to either continue work with an advanced degree and additional research or to use my talents to move into research and design areas within
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