My Statement of Purpose for a Course in IT Management

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Personal statement As a child growing up in India the 1990s, it was rare to see a computer in someone's household. Yet my family regarded technology as a necessity on par with food and shelter. My father was a software engineer and he was determined I would become fluent in the use of the family computer as soon as my hands could reach the keyboard. While a toddler, I merely pressed the keys in imitation of my father today I can type as fast as I think. One metaphor that has always resonated with me is that of a 'loop' of continuity. I always imagined how funny it would be if 'loop' was a real life concept, like an infinite loop where a person could run on a race course forever. But in a way, the concept of 'loop' is true my fascination with technology is the loop, the sustaining momentum that has guided my entire existence. I attended an ICSE school, where computers were part of the curriculum from 3rd standard (elementary school) onward. Within only a few years I could call myself a genuinely good programmer with pride. By 12th standard I was introduced to Java, C, C++ and I started programming small applications. Majoring in Computer Engineering seemed like a natural choice. My university years were hectic ones: organizing college activities, participating in the student council; playing music in competitions and shows; as well as studying for exams, completing assignments, and working on projects. Yes, I am also a musician: I play the synthesizer and have
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