My Statement of Purpose for a Course on Networks and IP Security

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Statement of Purpose Introduction From an early age I learned to look at challenges not as insurmountable problems, but as opportunities for continual growth, personal discovery, and ultimately achievement. This mindset of translating challenges pervades my academic career to this point, and in pursuing a Masters of Science degree I hope to challenge myself to the next level of academic and professional achievement. Networks and IP Security The innate strengths I have include the ability to create, critique and analyze algorithms for optimal performance, in addition to router ripping, protocol analysis and understanding of and interest in data structures and data models. I have excelled in the areas of electric circuitry design and components, and have also discovered an innate ability to troubleshoot problems from a systemic, highly focused standpoint. This ability to view entire networks and the Internet from a very detailed, systemic standpoint has also helped me to excel in related studies of programming, data structures and algorithm development. The study of security has been based on the insights gained from viewing the many functional areas of networks through the perspective of fault tolerance, authentication, advanced connectivity and the development of data structures that enable communication and collaboration (Adams, 1986). My passion is in the area of computer networks and security, which is an area I will continually strive to excel in, relying on

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