My Statement of Purpose for a Course on Management of Information Systems

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Statement of Purpose Management of Information Systems Introduction In knowledge there is freedom, and in freedom, the opportunity to grow and progress to ones' full potential while serving society and enriching lives. The teachings of Buddha, Mahatma Gandhi and Socrates all are precious to me and set the standard by which I want to measure my life. The addition of an education will give me the opportunity to fulfill the service to society that these exceptionally gifted leaders provided society. In the discipline of excelling in academic performance there is a clarity attained, a greater level of intensity and focus of one's calling in life. My calling is to deliver exceptional service in the area of Information Systems, specifically in the area of planning, implementing and optimizing enterprise software including SAP ERP systems. Interest in Engineering My initial interest in information systems began as a fascination with telecommunication networks. I quickly realized that the most powerful aspects of these systems are the software used to implement, manage and optimize their performance across enterprises. Large-scale Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) systems, including those from SAP, have been an area I have continued to study, in addition to its na誰ve programming language, ABAP. The study of Management Information Systems continues to lead me into areas of high performance enterprise software, and the aligning of these systems to corporate performance
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