My Statement of Purpose for a Masters Course in Management of Information Systems

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Statement of Purpose Introduction The remarkable success of Kalpana Chawla is an inspiration to all Indian women, with special meaning to those involved in the study of math and science. Kalpana's untimely passing as part of the Challenger crew is a paradox for the world to understand, yet for her, a woman of remarkable intellect and clarity of vision, she passed doing what she loved: exploring, pushing the boundaries of space and furthering scientific discoveries. She is an inspiration and force in my life, and serves to show that with enough intensity and focused effort, remarkable accomplishments can be attained quickly throughout ones' life. Growth In Engineering Years My passion for engineering and electronics began prior to beginning my undergraduate major in Electronics and Telecommunication. During those years prior to beginning my undergraduate major, I was fascinated with how mechanical, electro-mechanical and electronic devices worked. Those years were invaluable from a learning standpoint, as I was able to develop analytical and engineering skills I would use throughout my academic career. During this time period I initiated many projects, the majority of which included mechanical inventions, electromechanical devices and explorations of electronics. During this time I also began to develop an interest in computer networking and the study of the TCP/IP command set. Specifically I became fascinated with how the Blackberry could simultaneously send and
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