Christian Autobiography

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I was born in Newark Ohio, with my twin brother Christian. My step sister Gia was four years old when I was born, and my step brother Cole was eight years older than me. My dad worked at Ricord car dealership, and my mom did too. A few weeks after my brother and I were born she stopped working and stayed at home. When I was three my family moved to licking valley. My mom started helping out at the church so my family got a babysitter named Lisa. My earliest memory I have is playing outside with my brother Christian while Lisa was watching us. At first, it was hard not having my mom with us all of the time but we got used to it. On Sundays my family would all go to church together after church was over we would have family dinner and play games.…show more content…
When my brother and I finished kindergarten, that summer we decided we were going to go to school. During school didn't get to see my step brother Cole much because he lived with his mom in Sheridan. In the summer Cole came to our house a lot, and we built forts in the woods. In the third grade, my dad got into a four wheeler accident and got a hole in his heart. He had one big stroke and two small ones. He got surgery to patch up the hole in his heart. That summer my family went the baseball park to watch my brother Christian play. In the fourth grade, a dog wandered into my yard. My family gave her food and water because it looked like she was not fed. She stayed at our house for a whole week so my parents said we could keep her, we named her Amega. Not long after that, she had puppies so we kept one, and named her
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