My Step Brother For 1 : I Don 't Know Where We 're Going

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At times like this I envy my younger step-brother for 1) Being able to have my step-father as his biological father 2) To have a childhood 3) To view the world in innocence and 4) To not understand half of what is going on around him. I looked at my sister as we sat together in the back of the car, she looked back at me and gave me a “Why?” look and I responded back with the “I don’t know where we’re going.” face. We went back and forth talking back and forth with our facial expression and it both seemed we were confused. We sorta knew what was happening but all the social worker said was
“It’s an FTM, don’t worry about afterwards. Matt will drive you to both” I didn’t know what a FTM was but all I knew was I was terrified. Why can’t I
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Matt’s biological Sister,her husband,and his parents spoke against him for the abuse. Including my mom’s older sister, my
97584 2 uncle,his wife,her dad(my grandpa) step-grandma,my nana,and my step dad. It was nice to be in a room full of family members who would take me into their house than have me go back to his house. Wait, were they deciding whether I was living with my biological father or not? The day I have been longing for was to be out of his house. I wanted to cry once I realized that my prayers were going to be answered. I saw a white board with a chart of three columns the first one had “Problems.”The second one read “How we can fix it.”The third one was “Decision”. They were all filled except for the “Decision.” I guess I was thirty minutes late and honestly I was not surprised. and not even fifteen minutes later my entire family including my sister agreed with out of home placement. The meeting was over and I hugged all of my family and my social worker Robert pulled my sister into a separate conference room to explain “You cannot say a word to Matt and he is NOT allowed to ask you what happened either.” My sister and I nodded in responce then he looked at me and said
“Juliet if he lies about what he did you two,you have to take out your phone and play the recording for us.”
“Wait.Do you mean show him my phone?” Fear rushed through me,Matt can’t know what I recorded him with or my step-mom.
“I can’t.” was my only response because the only
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