My Stereotype Essay

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My whole life it has felt as if I’ve been stuck in the trap of society. Society these days expects everyone to be one exact way, and I’m sick of it. I’m only human, I can’t be expected to have long blonde hair, big light blue eyes, the “perfect body,” and a pretty face. Yeah, I have none of those. My hair is a chocolate brown color with messy curls, I have dull grey-blue-green eyes, I definitely don’t have the “perfect body,” and I’m like average when it comes to my appearance. I’m not saying it's bad to have all of those perfect traits, I’m just saying that people don’t need to waste their time in order to be like that. I am not even going to try to be all of those, because what's the point of looking better just for other people. I don’t…show more content…
Sure, I share traits with them, but I’m still different from them. I’ve never exactly fit in with one exact clique. In high-school, I could’ve fit in with the bookworms, the computer geeks, the smart alecks, the obsessive track and field runners, and the mathletes, but I don’t exactly fit in with just one of those. It's kind of like Tobias’s deal in Divergent where he doesn’t think he is part of just one of the factions, he believes he fits in with the Abnegation, and the Dauntless, and the Erudite, and the Amity, and the Candor. Just saying, if you don’t understand that, we can’t be friends. Anyways, he believes that he is selfless, and brave, and intellectual, and optimistic, and honest. In my case, I love reading, I work well with computers, I could be recognized as smart, I enjoy track and field, and I was part of the math team every year in high school. I am not part of any of the cliques, I just share the same traits with most of them. I am part of my own clique I guess, which doesn't have a particular…show more content…
“You’re kidding me right?” I answered a little nervous. They just laughed. “Right!?” I added. The two men stopped laughing and they looked me dead in the eye: “We’re dead serious.” One of them stated. I had a mini panic attack for a few seconds. I mean seriously, how am I possibly going to survive that? “Well, anyways,” the other began, “we decided that in a week or so you will have to go up into the Columbia Mountain and live up there for at least a month, but you can only bring a limited supply of food and water and maybe like a survival book or something.” The other one nodded in agreement. “But-” I began, but one of them interrupted me. “No buts about it, you have to do it since you agreed.” “I was kidding though!” I screeched. “Too late.”

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