My Story About My Daughter

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So I have come here to tell you guys about my daughter and request some assistance from you, I guess. Last night sort of shook me a little bit and I am at a loss mentally about what to do. I have an 8 year old daughter, Amber, who shares a multitude of personality traits in common with me. One of my favorites is the use of wanton sarcasm pretty much 100% of the time. I keep telling my wife, Jennifer, that it 's a sign of intelligence; she 'll just roll her eyes and reminds me that she constantly has to explain the process of moving shit in the fridge to find other shit to the both of us. I guess that means we aren 't all that smart. However, like I said, I didn 't come here to gush over my love for my daughter. Yesterday morning pretty much started how it usually does with me struggling to get my wife and daughter up and ready for work and school respectively. My wife is more of an uphill struggle than Amber is most of the time. It really only gets bad if she doesn 't get a restful sleep. This day was apparently one of those days indicated by the three trips I made into her bedroom to annoy the shit out of her until she woke up. The more I tried to probe into why she was so tired she met it with a significant amount more resistance. Sometimes you have to pick your battles, so I dropped it. We had plans to go to a fair in central Ohio that I had been excited for all year. It was two hours away from our house but I hadn 't been in so long that the drive seemed worth it.
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