My Story Of Race. I Was Born In A Small Steel Mill Town

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My Story of Race I was born in a small steel mill town in Northeast Ohio with a population around 28,000 of which 80-85% were white non-Hispanics. The crime rate was low, and the only area in town where I saw black families was on the East side of town (on the other side of the tracks). On my way to my Grandmother’s house, blacks were often seen coming out of all black churches and hanging out on front porches and street corners. At that time, I do not remember any personal interaction with any black families, but in the evening, us kids were always told to lock the car doors. My parents owned a mobile home community, gas/convenience store, and bottled gas business, and I remember riding with my father to deliver propane to many…show more content…
My question resulted in a big confrontation with my parents about multiracial dating. At which time, I stormed out of the house yelling, “I’ll bring home a black man if I want to.” After tying the knot in January of my senior year to my Caucasian high school sweetheart, I spent a few months living at my parent’s Florida snowbird retreat in an all-white 55+ community and then I moved to Aberdeen, MD to be with my new husband. Again, I was sheltered from the inner city, living off post in Aberdeen, even though there were quite a few people of color living in the area, I rarely encountered anyone except white friends and neighbors from the base. Only once did we venture on a drive to Baltimore, where all I saw was African Americans. I’ll be quite honest, I was petrified, they were all hanging out on the streets, I just wanted to go home. After AIT, my husband was transferred to Fort Lewis, Washington. There we made friends with many white couples and a couple single Mexican soldiers. One of my husband’s Sergeants who visited us, had a wife from Thailand. She spoke broken English and was very sweet and caring. We went to their house for Thanksgiving Dinner one year. It was the first time his wife had ever cooked the traditional American spread. I remember she put so much pepper in the mashed potatoes, that they were spicy in every bite. After my husband finished his term in the Army, we moved back to the steel-mill town, Alliance, Ohio.

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