My Storyboard : A Story Of A Story

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Zohreh Khademi My Storyboard “Storyboard” This is my first time that I have made the storyboard. I learned many things from it, and at the same time, I enjoyed making it . Making the storyboard reminds me the past, the happy time and also the sad time of my life. I realized that many things happened in my life since my childhood until now, every moment of my life that I was successful or I missed something. Well, I chose the beginning from my childhood (between ages 5-7) because I wanted to remember everything that is happened in my life until now. When I was making my storyboard I realize that between ages 5-7 it was war in Iran. The war had happened between my country (Iran) and the country of Iraq. I can remember when they…show more content…
All of my dreams got ruined and I did not know what to do. All of my early adulthood passed with fighting and going through the divorce process several times. During my young adulthood, I found Jesus in m y life and he saved my marriage. God is always great and he is looking for us he found me and saved my life and also my marriage. My husband had quit from substance use and got released. I can see the theories of my life that had developed during those years, from the hardest time of my life until finding Jesus and going to the best season of my life. I enjoyed sharing my storyboard to my classmate because I could remember that I have passed the ups and downs in my life and also getting a lesson from a hard time of my life. I got her empathy and attention to my life story. Also, when I heard from my classmate, It was like the counseling session for me. I listened to her life story carefully and I showed my empathy to her, I encouraged her during her successful experiences. That was a great experience for me with all its aspects. I think I can use this exercise for my clinical or career counseling to see how I have been developing in my learning process. I can make a storyboard after finishing my Master's program from the day of my entering the program until the day of graduating, to see how I was during this process. How I have developed
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