My Strategic Leadership Goals During The Smy Year

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As move through my career and move towards more strategic roles I will be required to consistently influence key stakeholders, who are not within my direct reporting line to achieve results. This is a capability where, if I can master, will directly impact the success of team and businesses I lead in the future.
My Strategic Leadership Goal during the SMY year is to build superior capabilities in articulating direction and building ownership within teams that are not directly within my reporting lines. The achievement of the goal will be evidenced by the successful implementation of the current project (and the subsequent post implementation review) by August 2016.
Observation. As the project lead for my current project, I was required
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The stakeholder involved had felt that I should have come to him prior to the meeting to discuss our findings so he could provide expanded input before I shared this broader.
This was an indication that I had underestimated the strength of the structural frame (Bomlan & Deal, 1997) in the business couple with the existing hierarchical culture within our business. This is evidenced through the stakeholder feeling as though the organisational chart and reporting line should have been used before presenting any material to a wider audience
This interaction highlight that not only had I not been clear in articulating the direction that we had taken through the discovery phase, i.e. reviewing current systems in place, but this quickly identified the direct impact this could have on my ability to build ownership within this team moving forward. This event provided a timely reminder that when articulating direction and trying to build ownership it is essential to understand the existing culture
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