My Strengths And Challenges In My Life

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Every individual will – at some point in their life – face obstacles that can hinder their growth; however, it is up to each individual to decide whether these obstacles will stop them entirely or carve them into a stronger, more perseverant being. I have faced various obstacles in my life, but I believe that my obstacles – specifically those related to my shoulder health – have developed me into the resilient man I am today. To explain, three days into my freshman year, I tore my labrum in my right shoulder at football practice. Although I had surgery to repair it, I knew my chances of being a three-sport athlete were diminished. I was forced to stop playing football and wrestling, but I was lucky enough to be cleared to play baseball. High school baseball was my dream ever since I was a child, so I knew what it meant to the younger kids in my community. Now, it was my time to show them who I was, and I refused to let that be taken from me. For this reason, I began devoting much of my time to baseball.
My first season went well, but my team did not do as well, so I couldn’t wait for summer baseball. Unfortunately, while playing in the summer, I began to feel intense shoulder pain. Initially, I tried to hide my pain because I was scared that baseball would be taken from me. Eventually, though, I couldn’t hide my pain and I dislocated my left shoulder several times in a single game. I faced a similar obstacle a year prior, and I decided once again to have surgery to repair my

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