My Strengths And Strengths Of My Personality Essay

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Most of my life, both personal and intellectual, has been defined by my socialized desire to classify myself into seemingly binary categories, only to discover my strengths lie in grey areas. This aspect of my personality was present for me in early life in terms of my class and sexual orientation, as well as later on in my academic and professional fields. Although my inability to fit in predetermined categories has caused me a great deal of distress, I’ve gown to recognize it and use it to my advantage, as well as to the advantage of others. My parents came from very different socioeconomic classes, with my father originating from a mixed-race, working class family in Toronto, and my mother coming from a white, upper-middle class background in rural Saskatchewan. They both moved to Mahone Bay, Nova Scotia before I was born, and I was raised in that town for my entire childhood. Although financially, the combination of my mother’s job as an accountant and my father’s job as a wholesale driver placed me solidly in the middle class, my parents’ values differed and often conflicted. Although both are Protestant, my dad is far more religious than my mom, and often cares far more about hard work and family loyalty than she does. Both have always wanted me to have a good job, but my mom is more concerned that I’m happy in whatever job I’m doing, while my dad worries about my financial stability. Both my parents also highly valued education, although neither put any

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