My Strengths And Weaknesses As A Leader

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To begin the analysis of my strengths and weaknesses as a leader, I chose to reach out to my current supervisor, a recent tutee, and a teammate whom I used to work closely with on several projects. I chose these people because they have worked alongside me, and have gotten to know my leadership qualities well throughout the past year. I have worked with my current supervisor since the summer, and she has supervised me while I have served as a mentor to undergraduate students in the areas of career planning and professional development, which has allowed her to gain a greater understanding of my leadership style in a unique manner. To see the opposite of what my supervisor sees, I asked one of the athletes I tutor to assess my leadership style. She has grown to view me as a mentor and leader for her throughout the past semester. Finally, the teammate I asked to interview me allowed me to see where I struggle and succeed most with my peers. I often assume leadership roles in teams, but she allowed me to gain insight as to why and how that process occurred. By choosing all three of these people, I was able to get a greater understanding of my leadership style as a whole, and in a variety of situations. I heard many common themes in my interviews, some of which surprised me. I found it interesting that my supervisor described me as conscientious, dependable, calm, steady, engaging, interactive, and comfortable speaking up to request feedback. In particular, she cited that I
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