My Strengths And Weaknesses Of A Student

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The education we receive today holds the power to shape the individuals we will be in the future. Not only does our education aid our choices throughout school, but also the choices we make in our personal lives like where we choose to work and how we portray ourselves to society. Personally, I have enjoyed my educational experience. I have enjoyed learning new concepts and interacting with new people. Of course, there are obstacles along the way. However, these obstacles have given me the opportunity to realize my strengths and weaknesses and learn to improve in both areas. As a student, I hold onto my perseverance, seek guidance from influential figures in my life, and embrace my challenges to which all contribute to my hope to become the finest version of myself. My greatest strength as a student is my perseverance. No matter the difficulty of an assignment, I choose to give it my all until the end. For example, a challenge I have faced several times as a student is working with uncooperative peers. With such a difficulty, I choose to stay calm and compromise ideas with others to solve the problems. Nevertheless, if the problem is not resolved I will continue to work on the assignment until it is complete with the my best work. I have noticed that I am not discouraged by such problems, but instead use these complications as learning points in my educational experience. However, considering my strength I have a promising weakness to balance out my work habit; I am a
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