My Strengths And Weaknesses Of My Writing

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Have you ever cleaned out your closet and found many items you never knew you owned? That is the way English 101 felt to me. I learned important skills and techniques that I will maintain even though the course is over. I will be constantly improving what I have learned—meaning I will work to carry about my strengths and eliminate my remaining weaknesses. English 101 has helped me grow as a reader, a writer, and most importantly a person.
My writing has progressed during the term by becoming more specific and sophisticated on an analytic level. I have learned to closely observe what I am reading or researching; this helping to improve the credibility in my writing. When the grades were passed back for the first minor writing, I was highly dissatisfied with the grade I received. In high school, I always got excellent grades on my papers; making it hard for me to accept the challenge that was now presented in front of me. After sitting down and figuring out my mistakes, I realized I was an extremely general writer. I forgot to include multiple details that were necessary for the readers understanding—as it was difficult for me to analyze writing from another perspective. My first minor writing paper was titled “A healthy Friendship” and it explained a paradigm shift that involved one of my current best friends. This was my weakest writing by far. After I revised the paper and still did not receive my ideal grade, I knew I would have to work incredibly hard in this college
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