My Strengths And Weaknesses Of The Foreign Environment That Is College

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Coming into the foreign environment that is college, I didn 't know what to expect when it came to beginning WRD 103. The various assignments that were asked to be produced exceptionally strengthened my overall writing abilities. The idea of writing creatively within narratives and analyzing different stories or commercials expanded the way can express my multi-modal writing. My skills within all of these areas are still under progress, but with the constant practice, I am confident that these skills will continue to grow. Our first assignment was to compose the diagnostic essay. The essay was created to showcase our strengths and weaknesses. Understanding my strengths and weaknesses came as a difficulty because in high school we were never asked to explore these traits within ourselves. While constructing this essay I had a hard time evaluating my own writing so I needed an external source. I had a friend look at my writing and point out my strengths and weaknesses. I then listed the pros and cons of my writing. Understanding the prompt has always been a stronghold of mine, I am able to fully comprehend the purpose of the assignment. Being able to fully understand the prompt has lead to stronger writing as I revisit the prompt and revise my papers. A sure weakness of mine was clear organization of thoughts. I can say that it still haunts me. I can write a good sentence yet, delete it because I tell myself that I can write a better sentence. The diagnostic essay was
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