My Strengths Of Being A Distance Learning Student

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What is college credit plus? What is the purpose to take this class? I chose this class to prepare me for the work college held above me. The chance to take this class is one you need to take. This class will prepare you to write papers in college. This class will also make you a better writer. I became more prepared and I did become a better writer by taking this class. During the course, I learned a lot. While taking this course you will find out your weaknesses and strengths through the various of writing assignments. The weaknesses I found out about myself was I make a lot grammatic errors. I also learned that I struggle with understanding where commas should and should not be. The more writing I did the easier it got. One of my strengths that I found was organization. I can deceiver what and where the information should be.
IFor this course you become a distance-learning student. Even though you have a facilitator the work assignments are through blackboard. Being a distance learning student is something you will need to get used to. It was easy for me to transfer to doing this course. Last year I was also a distance-learning student. I was doing online courses not through the classroom. I learned a lot then and now. One thing you need to work on to be a successful distance learning student you have to have dedication and learn to prioritize your time. Extended writing was a weekly task and are do often. For example, weekly assignments are due
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