My Strengths - Supportive, Understanding, Encouraging

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My strengths – supportive, understanding, encouraging, I have the ability to keep pushing forward even when things are not going my way, faith, hard work.
My Weaknesses- I have a tendency of getting sidetracked a lot, time management is hard for me to adhere to, and organization is not a natural skill. I have a soft heart and find it hard to make decisions that require finality and harshness. What I could do to improve my leadership ability would be to first, develop systems to help me stay organized (time & space). There are tools such as scanners, file folders, filing cabinet, digital file folders, timers, and baskets to get me on task easier. I know there are also books written on organization that I could check out. Applying different ways of thinking about organization. I could use tricks and tools that other people have found effective. Secondly, I could read more about people (leaders) that I respect and want to emulate and try and adopt their methods of leadership. I know deep down that I would be more respected if I was able to set my foot down more consistently. I would have to develop a way to deal with that personality trait before I could effectively lead a group of people. Conferences are good tools to get around people that you want to learn from. I know many times churches host conferences for their congregations. Even leadership conferences. So, it would be pretty easy to find resources in my community to utilize.

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