My Struggle with Personal Writing Essay

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My Struggle with Personal Writing
“Personal writing is both the easiest kind of writing to do and the most difficult” (Rawlins, 212). For me, it’s actually one of them most difficult and frustrating types of writing. Throughout high school and now I have had to do personal writing and it was and still is very tough for me to do. I was beginning my most important year of high school. This year seemed as if there was so much to do and so little time. And in the end it kind of was. Deadlines were right around the corner and crucial to meet for this year, especially for college applications. In my mind I had planned to apply to UC’s, Cal State’s, and maybe even some privates.
It was a week into my senior year in Ganesha High School. Walking
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He explained, repeatedly, that our prompt for our personal statement was basically to write about what motivates us to go to college; something personal that made us realize that that was our reason to pursue higher education. “Ugh!” I said quietly under my breath while I laid my head down on the desk. We began our assignment. I sat closely at the edge of my seat, legs extended, leaning my upper body toward the table, pencil in my hand and a blank paper on top of my desk. I wrote one sentence, then scribbled it off, I wrote another sentence, and scribbled again. The teacher was right in front of me on his computer. My head was facing down towards my paper but my eyes were looking up onto Mr. Mariles’ screen; trying to read what he was looking at. He would turn around and my eyes would quickly transition back to my paper. I looked around the class again. My heart started to beat faster and my body felt so uncomfortable all of a sudden. I kept biting my nails, taping my fingers and my feet. The tip of my pencil touched the paper and then I just began to write, not knowing what I was writing. I sat straight up on my desk and then leaned forward to lay my head on the table. I tried to position my eyes in order to look at my paper, and ended up in a very uncomfortable way, I slowly kept writing, ,my eyes would wander, thinking of what I should write next as if the answer was floating up in the air
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