My Student Choice Paper Will Be On Russian Culture

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My student choice paper will be on Russian culture. This is a topic I chose because recently a person I knew from Russia died due to a blood transfusion rejection. After this I did some research on the Russian healthcare system I found that it lacks the funds, equipment and supplies that are needed to deliver an acceptable level of care. Russian cultural beliefs such as folk medicine and the belief in a strong nuclear family may interfere with the care a patient receives. Furthermore, government corruption, international sanctions, and low oil prices are affecting the Russian economy. The Russian culture is one that interests me, but I 'm doing this to see what can be done to help prevent more deaths. Since 1992 the Russian population has…show more content…
In 1237 Batu Khan launched an invasion into Kievan Rus '. Over the next three years the Mongols destroyed almost all of the major cities. For the next century or so it was pretty quiet. Around the 14th century, the city of Moscow started growing in influence. To show the city 's importance the patriarchate of Russian Orthodox Church moved to the city. In 1598, Boris Godunov was made Tsar. Following this, invading armies from Poland led by people claiming to be Dmitre failed to take Moscow. In June of 1812, Napoleon began his Russian invasion. An army of half a million started the march to Moscow. The Russians knew they couldn 't take the army head on and decided to mount a defensive campaign of strategic retreat, devastating the land as they fell back and harassing the flanks of the French. By September the French army had been reduced by two thirds. When Napoleon 's army arrived in Moscow on September the 14, they found it depopulated and void of resources. That night buildings in Moscow caught fire leaving the French troops without shelter. By the time the troops returned, only ten thousand men survived. This war ensured Russia 's status as a power in Europe after Napoleon. In 1894 Nicholas II took the throne. He wasn 't the smartest leader, and his ministers were almost all reactionaries. In 1905 the Japanese attacked Russia. Russia suffered several defeats that dissolved any
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