My Student-centered Teaching Philosophy Essay

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My Student-centered Teaching Philosophy What makes a good teacher? There are many factors that determined the answers to this question. The most dominant factor is the teaching philosophy. It plays a significant role in the teaching career because it determines what the teacher will teach and how he/she will teach. Personally, my teaching philosophy will be student-centered with the combination of three related theories, and emphasis on each student’s individual needs, and teaching multiculturalism and diversity. The teaching should be student-centered. The purpose of education is to transform the knowledge to the next generation. Thus, everything we teach should be closely related to the student’s concern.…show more content…
They should have the choices when it comes to what they want to learn, such as what textbooks they want to use, what kind of books on the reading lists they want to read, ect. Thus, the students are motivated to learn. They will get the best result from it. The teaching should emphasis on students’ individual needs and their own characters. Everyone is different, such as learning styles. Thus, the traditional format of teaching won’t work out for the whole student body. The teaching methods should be variable and fit into individual needs. Also the size of the classroom should be considerably small. Thus, the teacher could pay enough attention to each one of the students in the classroom. Personally, I really prefer the teaching style of the Montessori School. Maria Montessori is not a traditional educator. She believes that children have an inner need to work at tasks that interest them. Given the right materials and tasks, children need not be rewarded and punished by the teacher. She believes that children prefer work to play and are capable of sustained periods of concentration. Young children need a carefully prepared environment in order to learn. Under this kind of curriculum, children learned practical skills, such as buttoning clothing and displaying basic manners. They also learned formal skills, such as reading and writing. In addition, special materials including movable sandpaper letters
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