My Study For People With Disabilities

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Module 6 Project Today, people with disabilities must include their voices across their states. In the article Strategies to Incorporate the Voices of People with Significant Disabilities in UCEDD Information Gathering and Operations it addressed research-based information on people with diverse abilities. People with disabilities have the right to active participation in their voice in policies that affect them. This research is current because it allows people with significant disabilities to present their research in a public forum. People with disabilities get to know and work closely in their research. Also, people with significant disabilities may have the opportunity to attend a conference and present their research and work in a public forum. In evaluating the credibility of this article, it provides information on evaluating bibliographic citation and reference list that evaluate the credibility of the author. The research questions are significant to my study for people with significant disabilities because it brings to the forefront how people with significant disabilities communicate their concerns. The main steps in this research process are to uncover the concerns and voices of people with disabilities. It is important to help disabled people with developmental disabilities to become independent, productive, and included in all facets of community life. The DD Act requires UCEDDs to develop 5-year plans and goals that are based on data driven strategic
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