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As part of my studies in engineering school I made a professional mission in China in November of 2015. I worked on an external purchasing office, Lenopan LTD, based in Zhuhai. My mission started on the 11-07-15 and finished the 12-04-15.
Lenopan LTD is an external purchasing office who was created by Maxime Blanc in Zhuhai. This is one of the strategic spot in China due to his proximity with Hong Kong, Macao and Shenzhen where we can find a lot of manufacture industries.
This place near of Macau and Hong Kong is a good place for the customers who come from USA, Europe or Australia. Since 1980 Zhuhai is a special economic area which have special economic legislation for customs duty, low company taxes, economic repatriation for foreigner companies. With this position, Zhuhai gets capital injection from these foreigner companies who want to invest in China. For example Siemens, Carrefour, ExxonMobil, British Petroleum and Hong Kong have 22% of the total foreigner investment.
Mr Blanc created Lenopan in May, 2015. I came on November 15th, so the company was working with its first clients. The main goals during this period was to define the exact way to make a sourcing study, inventory all the tasks and refine the honorary for this kind of work.
I worked for an American customer who wants to sell products made in China in the USA and Europe. The contract between Lenopan and this customer is like a bundle . We need to search 12 products per month for a fixed price.
First of…
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