My Study On My Body Alignment While Sitting

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I started my project and research by picking some research and learning goals. I decided I wanted to investigate what my own patterns of tensions were, how to release them, the relationship to the way I sit and neck tension and alignment, and what in particular causes this type of tension for me. My original hypothesis was “I would like to study my body alignment while sitting, specifically in my upper back between my two scapula and my neck. I want to study this alignment by actively journaling the changes I 'm feeling with our exercises in class, what triggers my notices, through a series of progressive pictures, and by testing different positions”. After being in the class for a little while and learning more about somatic theory and important principles, I decided to write a new thesis that reflected my expanding area of learning. My new thesis was “I want to study my biggest patterns of tension and how releasing that tension changes my Body Map and Stress Level. I want to study how breath affects this process. I also want to study how this new-found release affects my dancing & teaching ability”. I started my actual research within the neck with the basics: common injuries and range of motion. I found that most neck injuries are from major accidents or from habitual tension and stress. The basic range of motion is a 45 degree tilt forward and back, as well as side to side. Additionally you have an 80 degree range of motion looking side to side. All of these ranges are

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