My Stunning Educational Experience

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My Thrilling Educational Experience Excitement, thrill, apprehension and all those human emotions were governing me as they do to every other individual who enters an unknown environment. The smell of air had changed and it consistently reminded me of these emotions. Now, there I was in this great city all alone, having moved from Nepal to the United States trying to get a quality education. The new education system stunned me. How can things be so different? How come I don’t even have to yell “MAY I COME IN SIR” before I enter the class? I was both surprised and proud not having to do it anymore. The new learning process was so interactive that I finally found education to be interesting. After experiencing two different cultures and…show more content…
His classes were so active and engaging that I couldn’t help falling in love with English. Me, who once hated English and could not write even a proper paragraph, am now writing an organized, well-formatted college paper. I count this as one of my greatest achievements. Learning is now more about bringing out my potentiality on the piece of paper rather than having to focus and stick to the teacher’s ideas. When the class is raised to a discussion on a particular issue everybody is working on, ideas pop out from all around the class forcing me to think from different perspectives. There is always room for me to rectify my misconceptions. The learning experience was suddenly crafted in a way which encouraged me to compete with myself. I found my writing skills getting better and better with every class I attended. After 15 years of ineffective education, I finally found out the reason for my failures in the past and my way in to academic success. The way you feel about education is largely dependent on the educational experiences you’ve had. As for me, I have had a chance to experience both--one of the best as well as one of the worst. The way education is delivered to the students definitely defines the effectiveness of the education system itself. As demonstrated by the famous rock band Pink Floyd in their music video “Another

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