My Success Dreams

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It all started when I was younger I always had a great interest in drawing and music. Drawing is something I did at least every day as a young child whether it was on paper or on the walls. I would draw about things that I saw in front of me and my imagination which tends to run wild with ideas. As I got older I started designing online with different graphic programs such as Photoshop and Gimp and I gain a love for it I’m not the best but I will be soon. Other than art music has always played a big part in my life so many different genres were played throughout my household such as jazz, blues, gospel, r&b and soulful music and of course hip hop and now that I have an acoustic guitar I’m learning how to perfect that. I love how music can affect your emotions good and bad and how it changes the world. When I listen to music I listen very closely to the instruments and the voices of the artist and it intrigues me so much. Now that I’m in college I decided that I want to combined graphic design and music within my career and make it into a business. It is my goal to become a graphic designer and a music A&R (artist and repertoire) in the beautiful city of New York and give back to my community and church with doing annual toy drives and coat drives for children with my husband with two boys living a nice home in the city.

After I graduate college I would like to begin taking the steps to start my business dealing with graphic design and music with the help of my
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