My Success Story

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Vission Essay When I was nine years old, I studied Chinese Kung Fu. I went to class every day, practicing the different things that my coach wanted us to learn. One of the skills that we learned was how to do a handspring. After about a year of study, the coach told us to practice the handspring without using our hands. At first, I was too afraid to try the handspring without using my hands. I was so scared that I would fall and hurt myself that my body just would not cooperate with my efforts to try. Instead, I would find myself using a hand to brace myself. It was then that my coach gave me the most memorable advice that I have ever received. He told me, "Try to do it, just one time. You need to work through your fear and believe in yourself. If you don't face the challenge, you will never succeed." This was the best advice that I have ever received. Notice how the coach did not promise me success. Instead, what he pointed out was that I would never have success if I never tried. While he could not guarantee me success, he pointed out that I could guarantee myself failure if I never tried. When I took his advice to heart and tried the handspring, I was able to do it without using both of my hands. In this case, his advice led me to success. Had I never tried the trick, I would have fallen further and further behind my classmates. I would not have been able to excel in my Chinese Kung Fu. Instead, I would have stagnated at that point in my learning. Of course, his

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