My Success Story Essay

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My success to education

Blondie Torres
ENG. 121
Concetta Williams
July 18, 2011
Looking back at the past eleven weeks I have grown and learned so much here at Ashford University. I never thought that I would actually accomplish my educational dreams and be successful in my life, but I definitely have proved, myself wrong. I love knowing that I am doing great and I really try to do my best in completing my homework on time, with the occasions of a few speed bumps along the way.
I decided to return to school to further my education for many important reasons. I have struggled tremendously in the past with my five children and I wanted to change that life style for good. I am so very tired of trying to make ends meet and not
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I decided to just go for it and I am so glad I did because I know now that I have overcome that fear and I feel as if I can accomplish anything and everything. I can also say that I have matured in many ways as a mother, first time college student, and being a single mother of five. My kids had to adjust to the new routine as well. They did not understand at first but eventually they came around and little by little they gave me the time I needed to study and do homework. I still have to overcome a few obstacles in order to complete my degree program, just like I had to overcome all the changes that come with me returning to school.
One of the main obstacles I must achieve here at Ashford University is to listen, learn, and to be obedient in all the discussions and the assignments asked of me. Last but not least I have to say I have to overcome all negative feelings I get from time to time to complete all my educational goals. I need to be prepared mentally and physically for anything that is being asked of me from my instructors. I feel that I need to keep an open mind as well because I know all the feedback from classmates and instructors will be of great help in making me a better person and learner. There are a few things I must do to overcome all these certain obstacles here in college in order to have a successful completion of my degree.
I will have to keep doing all these helpful strategies that have gotten me this far. For example, using the

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