My Summer At An Indian Call Center Analysis

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People often like to change their “ethnicity”, to fit right into a social group. “Many people have considerable latitude in choosing their ethnic affiliations” (Olson 343). It’s very true people will change their ethnic affiliation when it comes to using it at the right moment. If you are categorized and fit into the majority you face less social stigma. You in some sense have it easy because you aren’t questioned about who you are. In “My Summer at an Indian Call Center” people are told to forget about their culture. Something they’ve grown up with and become something they truly can’t be. All for a dirt cheap job that will get them nowhere in life except to pay bills at home.
Many people think that because their grandparents or even older ancestors are from a certain group of people they become one too. Olson talks about how this “has become more like a professional or religious affiliation, a connection over which a person has some measure of control” (343). I think what people are doing is wrong, why change your ethnicity to something you certainly are far away from being just to get certain recognition. I have this friend who likes to use Instagram and post pictures of herself with the hashtags “#10%German #40%Latina #40%White #10%Italain”. I think its dumb, and I always call her out on it. Why not just use Mexican-American? Will using
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They are trained to talk American, eat American food, and act American. These people are told to leave their Indian culture behind. Something that has been with them ever since they were born. These people change their “ethnicity” to become someone they aren’t, just so they can earn a living. They do it because of their family, these call-center agents will send their money back home. These poor people have to give up their culture in order to earn money, some people do it in order to feel special or be given special
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